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Wooden Flute

Antique Wooden Flute Unknown Brand & Trademark MS35


Antique Nach H.F. Meyer?? Ivory and Wooden German Flute Very Good Condition


Native American Wooden Flute


Wooden Flute in Great Condition


Antique Laubé French Simple System 5 keys Wooden Flute Irish c.1890


Wooden Hand Carved Flutes in 13 Inch - Musical Instrument - 3 Pcs


Vintage Wooden Flute 5 Key 22" Long Good Condition




Beautiful wooden recorder flute, Moeck Flauto Dolce Rottenburgh Nr. 229


Berkeley Black ABS Wooden tone Flute w " never Leak" pads (17 Keys Low B )


Wind Brass Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Wooden Flute - Waldorf Flute


Irish Rosewood Wooden "D" Flute with Tunning slide, 4-Parts, 26" without case


NEW! J. Novo Grenadilla Wood Flute Headjoint - Wooden Flute Head Joint


Traditional Irish Wooden D Flute Rosewood 4-Part 26


NEW! J. Novo Grenadilla Wood Flute Headjoint - Wooden Flute Head Joint.


Irish Rosewood Wooden "D" Flute , 3-Parts, 23" size, Hand Made, without Case


Wood Flute American Indian Style Carved Hummingbird Signed w Case


Traditional Irish Wooden "BB" Flute Rose wood, two part, Hand made, Createch USA


*SPECIAL HALF PRICE OFFER* wood / wooden ARALIKATTI flute headjoint OLIVE (#452)


Professional Rose wooden Piccolo Flute silver key wood case


Beautiful wooden recorder flute, Moeck Rottenburgh 229 in orig. Box


Nice old wooden Des piccolo flute, 5 keys, 6 holes! G.H.S (G. Hüller)


Nice, quite long & old wooden piccolo (?) flute in Bb (?)




Nice old wooden piccolo flute 6keys, 6 holes! "Hess Musik"


Healy Keyed Chromatic Wooden D Flute with Silver Keys


Nice old wooden transverse flute


Antique Nach H.F. Meyer 13-key Wooden German Flute


Interesting, nice old wooden piccolo flute, Boehm system? Richard Keilwerth


Vintage MOECK Flute Flauto Dolce wooden in box


Nice, very old wooden piccolo flute 7 holes! brown wood, boxwood


Musical Instrument Indian Traditional Wooden Flute Handmade Bamboo-Bansuri-D Key


Very nice old wooden Boehm flute in C (?) by "Fr. Knopf"


Medina Grenadilla Wooden Flute Headjoint Preowned!


Rare, nice , interesting and old wooden flute, "H.F. Meyer Hannover" !!


Wooden Flute Native American Style Triple Drone Hide Lacing Carved Key of AAE


Nice and interesting old wooden Boehm (?) flute "Richard Keilwerth"


Medina Exotic Wood and Grenadilla Wooden Flute Headjoint NEW!!