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Cathe Friedrich Strong and Sweaty PHA Training Workout DVD


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Cathe Friedrich Workout DVD: AB CIRCUITS - 7 Exercise Routines


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Cathe Friedrich Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HiiT one and two DVD


Cathe Friedrich GREAT GLUTES & FLEX TRAIN, 2 Workout Fitness Exercise DVDs


Cathe Friedrich Workout DVD CARDIO HITS - Power Max~Step Fit~Works~Pure Strength


Cathe Friedrich Strong and Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets Workout DVD


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Cathe Friedrich X10 Step~Low Impact~Hi/Lo~Cardio Blast~Fat Burning Workout DVD


Cathe Friedrich Workout DVD BUTTS & GUTS - Ultimate Lower Body Workout


Cathe Friedrich Lift It HiiT It LEGS DVD - Ripped with HiiT Series 


Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Series DVD: CARDIO SUPERSETS


Cathe Friedrich HiiT Circuit Upper Body DVD from Ripped with HiiT Series workout


Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion DVD


Cathe Friedrich: Athletic Training Low Impact Series


Cathe High Step Training DVD Advanced Level Workout DVD - VG Condition


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4 Cathe Low Impact Series DVDs: Trisets~Athletic Training~After Burn~Cycle Max


Cathe Friedrich’s Strong And Sweaty Series (5 DVD Set)


Cathe Friedrich STS Mesocycle Phases 1 & 2.Total Body Strength Training 24 Dvd's


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Cathe Friedrich Basic Step Aerobic Exercise Fitness DVD


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